Monday, March 29, 2010

I did my will... now where do I put it?

Okay, so you finally got it together and got a will signed. First of all, good for you! Far too many people put it off, never get around to it and their friends and family are eventually left to clean up an intestate mess. Now, what do you do with the binder, file or otherwise fancy document you left the attorney's office with? Here are some options.

1. Leave it with the attorney. Some offices provide this service and it sounds good, what better place to put it than your attorney's office? However, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. The main reason is that hopefully you won't need the will for many, many, many years. In that time, the attorney could retire or close shop or the firm could merge with another. This could leave your loved ones scrambling to find the original. Sure, you may have a copy, but many probate courts will put up additional hoops if you can't provide the original.

2. Put it in your safe deposit box. It is secure, but consider that you will not be around to open it up. Check into how your love ones can get access when you're gone. There have been far too many instances where a will is in a deposit box with no one able to get access to it.

3. Check your county courthouse. In my county, Fillmore County, Minnesota, you can deposit your will for a one time minimal fee of around $20.00. This is a great, cost-effective option, because you know the county courthouse isn't going anywhere.

Of course, you can always keep the will in your home, but you should keep it in a waterproof and fireproof safe and let your love ones know how to get access to it if you're not there to do it.

Congratulations on getting that will done, now make sure your investment is taken care of.

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  1. under the mattress? or in that pile of papers I have on my desk with who knows what is in them? Not recommended, I imagine!

    Thanks for the great information. Especially about storing the will at the county courthouse. I didn't know that service was if I would just get around the writing the will...